IBG Africa

IBG announces the opening of IBG AFRICA in Casablanca – one of the key gateways to the African Continent.
Africa represents 20% of the earth’s landmass and 15% of the world population, but still only about 4% of global GDP. The economies of Africa are therefore expected to grow significantly, and their wealth to increase, thanks to such diverse natural resources. We expect to be seeing leaps forward in terms of human development.
African countries are on the quest for new products, services, and investments and also for partners to support their progress towards a better standard of living for their populations.
Modern Africa is no longer interested in simply handing over rights to exploit resources in return for cash, but is seeking to develop activities themselves, so as to take a greater share in the global value chain and create sustainable employment.
To fulfil the aims of this new strategy, African corporations and countries are looking for expertise, knowhow, experience sharing and technology transfer to become more attractive. Brands have a major role to play.


Abdellatif Mazouz


+212 6 61 45 95 95

Roger Vickery


+212 6 20 24 28 13

With your own brand, you take
a greater share of the value chain
and secure market share.

It is IBG AFRICA’s purpose and commitment to provide advice to those looking to grow their businesses and trade throughout Africa, via strategic brand-management, whether it be nations, regions, cities or corporations.
IBG AFRICA’s team, under the management of Roger Vickery and Abdellatif Mazouz, looks forward to working together with clients to elaborate and put into operation innovative brand strategies, solid brand stories and credible signatures for export ventures and to help attract more tourists, investors and customers.

Our principal activities, on behalf of African corporations, cities, regions and countries or those seeking to work with Africa are:

  • Brand audits
  • Brand strategies and business-models based on brands
  • Branding for export
  • Brand concepts, design, protection and deployment
  • Brand valuation, analysis of investment in brands, ROI and brand performance
  • Advisory for IP (intellectual property) and brand-related transactions, including search for, negotiations and drafting of contracts with prospective partners.