IBG works with clients to audit and improve their brand portfolios and plan, design and deploy their future brands.

IBG’s view on brands is quite simple

Only a brand can give you control of your ecosystem and markets.

Only powerful brands influence
purchasing decisions.

What is a brand?

  • A brand is what gives life, form and substance to your vision and reputation and differentiates you from your competition.
  • Growing a brand takes time and energy. It’s a long-term commitment. You have to plant, water and feed it, to help it to grow sustainably. Like a tree, a brand only produces value if it lives long enough to bear fruit.
  • Everything about brands is strategic. It’s what you can’t see that actually makes the brand.
  • Brands are assets that need effective protection.

Who is IBG?

IBG is a consultancy firm providing advice and support on brand strategies to ensure your future development. Our team is made up of highly experienced experts from around the world.

IBG is at that intersection where modern brand-based strategic planning and operational brand-management meet.

Hands-on brand management consultancy

We work with clients to rationalise, protect, consolidate or update their brand portfolios to increase their value.

IBG Chess game

Expertise – IBG’s Services

IBG works with its clients to set up and implement brand-based policies for development, especially international development, brand concepts and platforms, brand “language”, brand manuals, trade-mark protection and defence, diversification of products and markets, third party use of IP  (intellectual property), negotiation of partnerships, licences, franchises
IBG advises on how best to optimise performance (results) and ensure a place in the hearts and minds of “prosumers” through the strategic building of brands and the effective management of a brand’s strengths:

  • We start out by helping to identify the true core values, vision and purpose that will define clients’ brand platforms, promises and policies.
  • We audit brands and brand portfolios and appraise their financial value.
  • We help revise or introduce brand-based business models and write business plans. We bring and provoke new ideas.
  • We devise new, distinctive and original brand names. We write brand stories and draw up effective corporate identity systems, brand manuals and tool-kits.
  • We work with our clients to put all this into operation, create more value and support growth plans at home and abroad.
  • We are deal makers. This includes finding potential strategic partners for clients who are looking to buy or sell brand rights. We actively assist clients in negotiating and drafting contracts.
  • When it comes to brand communications, we focus on brand strategy and monitoring communications plans and content, so that they respect the brand’s promises and the owner’s vision.

Innovative solutions

IBG brings original solutions to companies and public authorities
for whom the brand and IP are at the heart of their strategic thinking.

IBG’s team, experience and portfolio

IBG’s independent and multilingual team is committed to the same values: excellence, perseverance and pragmatism.

IBG’s consultants have unique experience and bring expertise via hands-on advisory services for brand management, diversification, business planning and international development in the following areas:

  • Luxury brands, fashion, textiles and accessories brands, handicraft brands
  • Food and beverage brands
  • Sporting goods and sportswear brands
  • Technology and motor industry brands
  • Event brands


  • “Place brands”: nation brands, regional brands, city brands, destination (tourism) brands

Our experience

Our team members’ portfolio:

Luxury Brands – international development strategy and licencing

Food and beverage brands

Sporting goods and sportswear brands – international development and diversification strategy, licencing

Technology and motor industry brands – international development and licencing

Sporting events – Olympics, athletics and sailing

The team

John Boulter
John BoulterBritish
Expert on many aspects of sport and sporting events; ex Olympic athlete, John has advised many leading cities including Brisbane, Tokyo, Salzburg, Pyeonchang on their sports policies. John advised the Mayor of London in obtaining the 2012 Olympic Games. Languages: ENG, FRA, DEU
Hugh Brown
Hugh BrownSouth African
Engineering advisory, specialist in energy especially oil and gas, with vast experience in Sub-Saharan Africa with concrete results in the improvement of performance and reducing costs of energy. Languages: ENG, AFR, BNT, POR.
Dr. Jean Capiaux
Dr. Jean CapiauxFrench
Legal strategy advisor specialised in public law and brand legislation ; a leading expert in France ; counsel to numerous public authorities, Jean has several articles on brands in the public sector. Languages: FRA. ENG.
Oliver Griffith
Oliver GriffithAmerican
Former US diplomat, Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in France, and World Bank Communications Head. Expert in branding governments, business associations, and international organizations. Specialist in business writing, engineering conferences, media, and stakeholder outreach. Languages: ENG, FRA, DEU, ESP.
Dr. Adil Hajji
Dr. Adil HajjiMoroccan
Philosopher, journalist, et art critic, Adil is IBG’s cultural advisor; Adil was editor of several Moroccan and international journals and two literary TV magazines. Languages: ARA, FRA.
Akram Hidara
Akram HidaraMoroccan
IT manager, Webmaster, Web 2.0, mobile and multi-device, e-commerce and e-marketing expert.
Languages: ARA, FRA, ENG.
Dr. Boris Lautenbach
Dr. Boris LautenbachSwiss | French
Specialist in international licensing including legal and fiscal issues, strategic advisor to businesses, expert on leisure industries; was director of partnerships and licensing at Euro-Disney, Planet Hollywood, and brand manager for FIFA.
Languages : FRA, ENG, DEU, ITA.
Malcolm Levene
Malcolm LeveneBritish
Malcolm Levene’s been a Personal Branding coach for more than 20 years. He teaches people how to significantly improve business skills & life-skills, by developing their “Personal Brand”. Malcolm enables people to attain their goals, maintain focus and be highly effective. His private clients have included Tony Blair, Michael Gove and Ed Vaizey MP. His corporate clients include Google, London Metropolitan University, Prudential, Deutsche Bank, M&G Investments, Nestle, Volvo and BNY Mellon. Languages: ENG.
Dr. Abdellatif Mazouz
Dr. Abdellatif MazouzMoroccan
Economist, specialised in development of international trade; former Mayor (2009-2015) and minister of foreign trade of Morocco (2007-2011); created several place brands including: “Maroc Export”, “Artisanat du Maroc”, “Dar Almaghrib”, “Sefrou Cherries”. Abdellatif has advised several corporations and international bodies. Languages: ARA, FRA, ENG.
Carine Piccio
Carine PiccioFrench
International IP counsel in Paris, specialised in the protection and defence of geographical brands and corporate brands; experience media, sport, entertainment. Languages: FRA, ENG.
François Strat
François StratFrench
Art director, multimedia, internet, webmaster, social networks; specialised in graphic design and logotypes. Languages: FRA, ENG.
Andrew Thorburn
Andrew ThorburnBritish - Scottish
Specialised in setting up public agencies for the promotion of investment and regional or national development; export and branding strategies for public and private sectors, advice to governments, regions, cities and the World Bank; experience in Central Europe, the Balkans, Middle East, North and Sub-Saharan Africa. Languages: ENG, FRA.
Roger Vickery
Roger VickeryBritish
Coordination of research, analysis, brand evaluation and strategy; design briefs; governance and best practice; benchmarking. Languages: ENG, FRA, DEU, ITA, POR.